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Personal Insurance

more than just insurance
for your personal needs

Great rates, personal service and excellent coverage for your automobile
Thorough Coverage at Great Prices For Your Home or Condo
When it’s more than just you to consider.

Business Insurance

a complete line of commercial
insurance in all lines of business

We offer a full line of coverage for your commercial property needs
Protect your business from damages you must pay to others for bodily injury or property damage
Want To Keep Your Employees Happy? A Group Benefits Plan Will Help.

Rural Insurance

comprehensive coverage for Farms,
Rural, and Equine Insurance

Is your farm properly protected?
A horse/equine insurance policy is a cost effective way to ensure your horse is properly protected
Coverage designed for rural homeowners with farm-like risks


True or False?  If you move, coverage is automatically extended to insure your property while in transit to your new principal residences.  True. It is a great extension to know about because very often the insurance provided by the moving company is completely inadequate. This coverage is usually for up ...
True or False? Theft of the family dog from your backyard is covered.  Surprisingly True, as long as the dog is on your premises if they are stolen the cost to replace the animal is covered under most homeowners policies. Unfortunately insurers can only cover the actual dollars lost not ...
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE $37,000 raised for three deserving Charities at Cornerstone’s 4th Annual Golf Tournament Woodbridge, Ontario. August 20, 2014. The threat of serious thunderstorms did little to deter the spirit of our golf tournament at Angus Glen in Markham on August 12th. Cornerstone Insurance Brokers 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament brought ...
  True or False?  Rental cars are automatically covered by your auto insurance policy for property damage to them False, they are in fact excluded from the basic policy, however, you can add them back into coverage by getting an OPCF or SEF 27 (Liability for Damage to Non-Owned Automobile(s) and ...