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Personal Insurance

more than just insurance
for your personal needs

Great rates, personal service and excellent coverage for your automobile
Thorough Coverage at Great Prices For Your Home or Condo
When it’s more than just you to consider.

Business Insurance

a complete line of commercial
insurance in all lines of business

We offer a full line of coverage for your commercial property needs
Protect your business from damages you must pay to others for bodily injury or property damage
Want To Keep Your Employees Happy? A Group Benefits Plan Will Help.

Rural Insurance

comprehensive coverage for Farms,
Rural, and Equine Insurance

Is your farm properly protected?
A horse/equine insurance policy is a cost effective way to ensure your horse is properly protected
Coverage designed for rural homeowners with farm-like risks


True or False?  Your deductible does not apply if your vehicle is stolen. True, under the standard automobile policy in most provinces your deductible is waived when your entire vehicle is stolen.  You should know however that there is a two week wait to see if the vehicle is recovered.
On September 17th, 2014, Cornerstone’s CEO Wendy Dasilva was featured on the panel at the Women’s Leadership Network conference to discuss her views on leadership and key issues impacting women in the workforce. Wendy, along with key industry leaders, provided an open forum to share best practices and engage ...
True or False? Lightning damage to your television set is covered.   Absolutely True, lightning is a basic covered peril and damage to your electronics due to a surge of lightning through your home is covered.
True or False?  If your 15 year old is babysitting for a neighbour and accidentally breaks their couch, its cost is covered under the liability portion of the homeowners policy. True, a little known or understood section of the homeowners policy, but great coverage, is Personal Liability which covers the insured’...