Fall is associated with many wonderful things – warm sweaters, apple picking, pumpkin-spiced lattes, and beautiful foliage. For drivers, this may mean a new set of distractions on the road. Here are five driving hazards to keep in mind before getting behind the wheel this fall:

  1. Back-to-school traffic. With the new school year underway, commuters can expect to see more cars and buses on the road. Drivers should also be mindful of children crossing the road on their way to and from school, or their bus stop.
  2. Falling leaves. Without a doubt, fall foliage is stunning, with leaves turning gorgeous shades of red, yellow and orange during the autumn season. However, fallen leaves can clutter lane-ways by obstructing traffic lines, pavement markings and potholes. Be extra cautious when driving in the rain, as leaves can become as slippery as ice when wet.
  3. Wildlife. Many animals, including deer, tend to be more visible in the fall season as it is their time for mating and migrating. If you live in area that’s heavily populated with deer, keep an eye out of for darting deer, especially if you are driving at night.
  4. Foggy conditions. Dropping temperatures, especially in the mornings, can lead to fog and limit your visibility on the road. Slow down before reaching a patch of fog, use only low beams or fog lights and leave adequate space between your vehicle and the one driving in front of you. If the fog is extremely thick, roll down all your windows to hear other vehicles nearby.
  5. Sun glare. Sun glare during the morning and evening commute can impact your vision and make it challenging to see oncoming traffic, cars ahead of you and pedestrians crossing the road. To prevent an accident due to sun glare, consider investing in polarized sunglasses, pulling down the sun visor, increasing the space between you and the vehicle in front of you, and driving with your lights on so you are more visible to other drivers on the road.

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