Broad Form Named Perils Horse Insurance Rates

Comprehensive Named Perils Including Death Caused By:
Colic, Entrapment, Physical Injury.

For All Breeds

■ Automatic Tack Coverage – $1,000
■ Additional Tack – $20.00 per 1,000
■ Automatic Liability Coverage – $1,000,000
■ Additional Liability ($1,000,000. max) – $50
■ Annual Premium – Rate 2½% (of value of horse)
■ Minimum Premium – $150.00 + 8% Tax
■ Foal coverage available after 7 days.
■ Separate application required.
■ Maximum 2.5 times Stud Fee.
■ For optional Vet Fee Coverage, $2,500 is $250, $5,000 is 375
■ Maximum coverage available On This Form is $10,000 per horse.

Veterinary Certificate Required For:

■ All horses $1500.00 and over

Conditions of Policy

■ Policy Wordings Apply. Autopsy or Post Mortem Certificate required upon Death.
■ We reserve the right to inspect the horse prior to insurance being bound.
■ This insurance is not valid while horse is at the race track.
■ Vet medical will not cover for more than the insured value of the horse to a maximum of $5000

Pleasure Horse Coverage

The following is an abbreviation of the coverage. Actual Policy wordings apply.

■ Fire, Explosion;
■ Windstorm or hail; hurricane;
■ Flood, meaning rising waters;
■ Earthquake; meaning collapse of buildings, bridges, culverts;
■ Falling objects directly striking the livestock;
■ Impact by aircraft or land vehicle;
■ Collision, derailment or overturn of a land vehicle;
■ Stranding, sinking, burning, or collision of marine vessels;
■ Vandalism or malicious mischief;
■ Riot; Riot attending a strike or civil commotion;
■ Or by theft, but excluding mysterious disappearance;
■ Accidental Shooting;
■ Lightning; Electrocution;
■ Blizzard, rain, sleet or snowstorm;
■ Drowning, excluding choking on their own internal fluids;
■ Attack by dogs and wild animals;
■ Rabies;
■ Entrapment;
■ Casting;
■ Hardware;
■ Colic;
■ Asphyxiation by smoke or fumes;
■ Physical Injury causing death or destruction, but excluding animal birth;
■ Vet Coverage Only Applies to Emergency Service made necessary by the above perils
 Cost of trailering is not covered

Liability Coverage

Liability Coverage protects you should your horse damage property or cause injury to a third party.
The policy will cover the cost of legal and court settlements up to the policy limit.


$100.00 Deductible on the First Claim and 25% Deductible on the second claim