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Construction projects, regardless of their size, can present complex insurance issues. Are you confused about your exposures and policy options? If so, it’s no surprise—there are no standard builder’s risk policy forms covering these types of risks. We offer a wide range of builder’s risk solutions that can be customized to your project’s needs:

  • Coverage includes protection from perils such as fire, water damage, windstorm, flood and earthquake
  • Specific perils can be added for construction projects such as building collapse
  • Both hard costs (materials and labour) and soft costs (architectural/design fees) are covered
  • The consequential loss of revenue from delayed start up can be covered
  • Liability (wrap up)  coverage also available where required

Careful planning is the foundation for a smooth construction project. Many businesses choose to transfer or accept risk through contracts, purchase orders and lease agreements. However, not all contracts or endorsements are created equal. An insurance expert from Cornerstone Insurance Brokers can knowledgeably help you with builder’s risk policy language to ensure your project is protected.