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The policy covers the loss or damage to goods and merchandise in the ordinary course of transit anywhere in the world from warehouse to warehouse.  Coverage commences when goods leave a warehouse (point of origin) and terminates at a warehouse (point of destination).  The goods and merchandise may be transported by sea, air, or land.

Protecting the value of your goods is the primary benefit of this insurance.  While businesses have the option of sending their freight without any insurance, the business would bear the entire financial cost in the event of loss or damage to their shipments.

This insurance is essential for businesses engaging in international trade, especially those shipping large quantities of goods by sea or air.  It is an absolute must for manufacturers, wholesalers, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, banks, suppliers, processors and distributors.

In today’s insurance realm, Inland Marine coverage provides protection to fill gaps in commercial property protection or to reach specific limits of coverage. Some examples of items that Inland Marine Insurance could potentially cover that are typically excluded from a Commercial Property Policy include:

Expensive musical instruments used at a school, Camera equipment used by a government agency, Antiques, paintings, statues and fine art, and Regularly shipped and/or delivered goods. 

Consult Cornerstone Insurance Brokers today to learn more about Ocean Cargo and Inland Marine Insurance to protect items that seem to fall between the lines of your current coverage.  We have the expertise to help you to mitigate your risks and protect your bottom line.