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A commercial umbrella liability policy will provide excess limits of liability over and above the underlying and primary liability policies.

Umbrella liability increases your limits of insurance while providing the same or broader coverages than your underlying primary policies.  If the limits on your primary policies are exhausted, the umbrella policy will trigger.

Another key feature to an Umbrella policy is its “drop-down” effect.  The umbrella policy will drop down to become your primary policy when aggregate limits have been exhausted or there is no coverage under your primary policy.

Additional benefits include:

  • Worldwide territory so there is coverage for suits brought outside of Canada and the United States
  • Broader definitions of “bodily injury,” “personal injury,” and “advertising injury”
  • Additional limits mean protection against “worst case” judgments
  • Limits drop down over uninsured exposures, filling gaps in coverage
  • Provides excess automobile limits

The umbrella market is often erratic. We can find you competitive quotes addressing your specific risk categories. To learn more about adding Umbrella Liability to your existing commercial policy, request a quote today.