It feels like the cost of everything these days is rising, and unfortunately, insurance seems to be no exception. If you ever wondered how the rates for your motorcycle insurance are decided – you are not alone. Here are some deciding factors:

  1. Your age and the number of years you have been riding. Seasoned riders will see more discounts than newer ones, and newly licensed riders under 25 will experience much higher premiums than those over 25.
  2. Your bike. Touring bikes are generally much less expensive to insure than super sport bikes. In fact, some insurance companies will not insure super sport bikes at all.
  3. Your driving record. Not surprisingly, any moving violation tickets (parking tickets excluded) or claims you have made in the past will all factor into the price of your premiums.

Other factors can affect insurance as well, but to a much lesser extent. You may have an excellent driving record with 20 years claims and ticket free, but if you’re in the first year after obtaining your motorcycle license, you’ll still see high premiums.

Our advice? Seek different quotes from various insurance companies, preferably using the help of a seasoned insurance broker. Brokers shop the market to obtain several different quotes, and can find the best price for you.

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