winter-driving-refresher-tipsEvery year, Canadians are faced with a new set of driving hazards as the temperature dips. For many of us, winter driving means black ice, slippery roads, and reduced visibility. At Cornerstone, we would like to encourage you to review these tips before getting behind the wheel so you can stay safe during the winter months:

  1. Invest in winter tires. In harsh winter weather conditions, winter tires provide better traction, braking, and overall handling on icy roads. When purchasing winter tires, make sure they include the mountain and snowflake symbol which signifies the minimum requirement for providing traction in harsh conditions (even though your tires may exceed these requirements!). Not only do winter tires prevent accidents, but you can qualify for a discount on your auto insurance. Contact your broker today!
  2. Check weather reports before heading out, and account for extra time when weather is bad. Never speed in icy or stormy weather – it’s important to take your time and focus on the road ahead
  3. Minimize all your distractions behind the wheel. Distracted drivers who use a cell phone behind the wheel are 23 times more likely to get into an accident than a non-distracted driver. If it is absolutely necessary that you need to take a phone call while driving, make sure your Bluetooth connectivity is set up prior to hitting the road. If your car is not equipped with a hands-free system, pull over if you need to make a phone call
  4. Carry extra equipment in your car. This includes a roadside safety kit, windshield wiper fluid, a shovel and a snow-brush
  5. If you park outdoors, take a little bit of extra time to brush all the snow off your entire car – not just the windows. Have you ever found yourself driving behind a minivan that didn’t bother cleaning the snow off the top of their car? Spraying snow is distracting and can impair your line of vision. A clean car will keep you and driver behind you safer

Remember, if you are not comfortable driving under certain weather conditions, consider delaying your trip or using public transportation. If you are in a snow-related accident and need to file a claim, contact Contact Insurance Brokers at 1-888-768-8001 or file a claim online.

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