For our business clients in all industry sectors, we specialize in creating top quality programs with leading insurers. Through Cornerstone Insurance, you will receive an assessment, recommendation and no-obligation quote in minutes on your current insurance needs. And, because our program offers a selection of underwriters, your policy can be tailored to fit your needs precisely including proper coverage at incredible rates.

Automobile (Including Garage)

Provides statutory automobile insurance to vehicles owned, leased, or licensed by your business. Other policy forms available are garage automobile, non-owned automobile (usually attached to a Commercial General Liability policy), excess automobile liability (usually attached to an Umbrella policy) and lessors contingent automobile policy, designed to protect leasing companies.

Boiler and Machinery

Insures against the breakdown of pressure vessel, mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment and machinery. This equipment may include refrigeration and air conditioning systems, steam boilers, hot water tanks, and production machinery.

Builder’s Risk

Builder’s Risk Insurance is designed to protect property while in the course of construction. It covers against a variety of perils including fire, windstorm, flood and earthquake. Additional perils specific to construction projects can be added such as building collapse. The policy can also cover the cost of transporting materials to the site or storing construction materials temporarily off site. If a direct loss from a covered peril causes the delayed start-up of operations due to the extended construction time to rebuild, the consequential loss of revenue from the delay can also be insured by the Builder’s Risk policy.

Business Interruption

Protects your business from financial loss when your company’s property has been damaged or destroyed by an insured event.


Provides coverage for instances such as employee dishonesty, loss of money and securities, and mysterious disappearance of stock.

Directors & Officers

Protects company designates from liability resulting from inadvertent or deliberate wrong-doing by the company or its employees.

Errors & Omissions

Professional liability insurance protects you against liability arising from the rendering of, or failure to render your professional services.

Excess Liability

Offers limits of liability in excess of the primary or underlying limits of liability provided by a CGL, Umbrella or Automobile policy. An Excess policy will only provide the same coverage as the underlying policies.

Umbrella Liability

Provides for additional coverage above usual business liability limits.

Business Overhead Expense

If you own your own business and are under 65 years of age, business overhead expense insurance (BOE) is an ideal product for you and your business. This coverage assumes business overhead expenses up to the benefit level and length of time you select. This leaves your personal disability policy to pay for other obligations.

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